September 12, 2017

Why Blockchain Startups Need Video Content Marketing?


Alex Mayer


What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a disrupting, revolutionary and emerging technology that is going to change our very lives in the years to come; if not months. Some people call it the 5th industrial revolution and some think it will renovate the way we deal with banks, governments, merchants, regulators… literally all third trusted parties in our community. The first pioneers bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC and now one Bitcoin is worth more than four thousand US dollars. The market might still be volatile, but it’s a fact that the value of crypto currencies have been risen dramatically and they’re still gaining momentum.


blockchain blog statistics

The need to decentralize

Blockchain startups pop up like mushrooms around the globe. The combination of limitless computer programmers and ambitious entrepreneurs strive for the unchallenged problems the society faces.

With the intention to decentralize everything what we used to call ‘the establishment’, they don’t recognize any boundaries. Identity management, money transaction, data transfer, governing, voting, health care, supply chain… no industry seems to be safe now. It’s just a matter of time and the data distributing movement will reach the mainstream and the life of the average Joe will alter soon.

Once in vague, the strongest blockchain driven solutions have now already established a stronghold. Their market cap has at present topped eleven digits.

crypto currency market caps

How Blockchain companies try to get noticed

The race has started already. There are 940 Blockchain startups listed in Angellist but the actual figure is definitely more than that. One of the main challenges blockchain companies face is the complexity of the technology itself. People on the street have still a hard time to understand how the new system works and how it’s going to make their lives easier. The answer to this challenge and the way to bring blockchain to the masses starts with education and simplifying things. There are many ways to encounter the problem. Thousands of articles, blogs and whitepapers are published on a daily basis. But despite all the buzz, the content is still too technical. Academic researches and demographics show that videos and visual explainer videos are one of the most compelling marketing and educational tools for the public.

The power of a promotional video for Blockchain startups

We desire what we see. If you manage to visualize your application, your software or even your idea… the greater are the chances to raise awareness and hit market requirements. You can do this via 2D explainer videos like this one. It can also be done using whiteboard explainers.

The most impressive and effective way of visual content is a promotional video that reflects the health, culture and the people of an organization. Also, you can use interviews or testimonials to personalize and make the video even more emotional.

As crypto driven solutions and blockchain companies are hard to explain, a video production team must have the right knowledge and vision how to lay down the hard core concept into a plain and compelling story. As pictures and videos are the most inclusive ways for info transference, these pieces can be an art work combination of great graphics, special effects, music and warm voice.


The successful ICO

DCORP is a decentralized, Ethereum based organization building the world’s first cryptocurrency derivatives exchange on blockchain technology. Hence he company addresses the over 1 Quadrillion USD derivatives market (futures, options, swaps) in order to prevent occasions like in 2008 happen again and hurt people. With an ICO in sight, DCORP engaged DIS for their video marketing campaign and even after the successful ICO, the collaboration is still going on and their YouTube channel keeps expanding. They even came up with new leads that became DIS clients.

Bottom Line

With the tech savvy concept well explained, there’s no one who can resist the promising prospect of a decentralized and unpolarized world. Nevertheless, the bright horizon is already visible: future of blockchain technology.


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