December 28, 2016

What To Do In 2017! For All Indie Filmmakers

Production Management

Sam Garner


Independent film production is a tough job. ٴFirst of all, it all seems like an interesting and exciting journey. Yet, when the actual work begins, you come to realize that it’s a heck of a job and a lot has to be sacrificed for it. The hardest part is definitely the budget. It’s all up to you because it’s your movie and you have no major company supporting you. Another challenge is the prospect, the outcome of the movie and the end result. You don’t know how it will turn out and how it will be viewed.

Major companies assess and then reassess all these factors before getting into a movie production. The budget, the payoff, it’s all thought out clearly. With their own credibility and big names, the marketing task isn’t much of a challenge for them. The most important thing is that their names and lives don’t ever depend on a single movie. Even if they do go wrong on a budget assessment or the end results don’t turn out as they predicted, they can live with it and compensate in the next movie.

Why is the Indie Filmmaker’s life so damn hard

An independent filmmaker, however, has a long and tough challenge ahead once the movie is completed. The real work just begins. The movie has been made but now what? Now, the movie has to be registered in different film festivals and sponsors have to be found. If you don’t make it through this phase, well… that’s the end of that, actually, it’s the end of everything!

It’s kind of like one of those bank heist movies where the robbers plan and carry out the job, yet don’t think of the next step. Normally, here’s where they start screwing up and things go wrong and they eventually get caught.

This is why a well-thought and planned movie production is an A to Z job. Thinking about the end result and how and where to present it is part of the initial phase. In my view, at least one-third of the movie budget must be allocated to marketing and advertising after the production is complete. Making an awesome trailer is a MUST…

Why is the budget so crucial for Indie Filmmakers?

So we can conclude that besides all others, a controlled budget is very important. When film producers begin the job, they normally concentrate on cast and crew and pre-production. Yet, one of the most important and costly phases is post-production. This is the part where many of the mistakes of the previous stages are corrected and quality is added to the movie. With a great coloring and VFX job, a movie can go from not bad to good, from good to great and from great to excellent.

Now you might say, well, we knew all of this and what are you trying to get to?

Here’s the thing, you have to think about the budget in all of the production stages. I can provide independent filmmakers with newly established post-production studios that carry out high-quality tasks with great prices. It’s obvious that independent filmmakers don’t have the budget of blockbuster movies such as the Avengers or Pirates of the Caribbean. Therefore, it is the newly established studios that can be great problem solvers for tight budget independent movies. These are studios that bring quality, not in their names, but in their work with reasonable prices.

Many great movies and talents never make it to the viewers because of this very element. This is wrong, money shouldn’t determine the fate of a movie. This should be a task completely up to the viewers.

How did you plan to make your movie in 2017?

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